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MV Typo is a small independent digital foundry. Most fonts designed so far are products of the contest entries as Morisawa Awards (1996, 1999 and 2002) and Linotype's International Type Contest (2002). In the latter, Kalimetrik was selected to be part of a collection that eventually was not performed.

Having reached this alternative self-distribution, the various fonts will be updated, revised and expanded (with the capabilities of OpenType). That is the way Reticular Neo initiated.

MV Typo provides you with the fonts of its catalog, custom typefaces and digitizing existing analogue designs.

Design, production and online sales of high-quality fonts. Putting a special care on details, from the kerning pairs to the review of the performance on screen bitmaps (hinting).

• Fonts for running text
• Calligraphic fonts and lettering
• Experimental typefaces
• Corporate Typography
• Symbol and dingbat fonts

Formats for Macintosh and Windows:
• Open Type / PS and TT

And if you need:
• PostScript Type 1
• True Type
[May not include all the glyphs designed]

Characters available in each font is the Latin alphabet, in typographic environment called Western Roman Type 1.
For added security checks designed glyph map.


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